Master in Film Scoring - Master in film scoring
Master in Film Scoring


Composition and Orchestration for Film, Commercial, Documentary, Video Games. DAW, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design, Film Editing, Music Production, Recording Session ...


· Eligible age: born after 12/31/1982
· Residents in Puglia for at least 2 years or · Born in Puglia and transferred elsewhere for no more than 5 years
· Possession of the Bachelor's Degree or Conservatory diploma when submitting the application
· ISEE family income not exceeding 30,000.00Euro · (from 0 to 10 thousand = 100% costs - from 10 to 20 thousand = 90% costs - from 20 to 30 thousand 80% Costs)
· You do not have to take advantage of other funding for the same training course · Coverage up to 2,000 euros for real expenses of distance from 50 to 150 km
· Coverage up to 6,000 euros for real expenses over 150 km away
· Coverage up to 9,000 euros for real training expenses abroad
· Course hours 400 in the classroom - 300 individual study - 300 internships

The Master can be followed simultaneously with another Master's or conservatory course as it does not conflict with the extra credits


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Professional courses

The master aims to offer training aimed at creating professional composers of music composers for film, TV, video games, visual media or theater performances, documentaries, commercials, web content etc. Film Editor, Music Producer, Audio Engineer for Video and Dramatic Orchestrator

Employment opportunities

The outgoing figure can work in different areas: theater, cinema, television, radio, multimedia products (DVDs and CD-ROMs), web music, events and advertising campaigns. In general, it means being able to intervene in any communication process in which sound is used.

Outgoing profiles

Author of music and soundtracks for cinema, television and multimedia and music consultant for cinema, television and multimedia; Sound Designer - designer of sound communication.


The master's objective is to acquire theoretical tools, methodological and technical skills that allow the student to orientate himself in the composition, editing and production of applied music (cinema, television, advertising, theater, videogames ...) .

Qualified Teachers

We Have Highly Qualified Teachers

Francesco de Donatis

Film Composer

(BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC) Film composer Francesco de Donatis is a pa

Fraser Campbell

Composer and Arranger

(BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC) Originally from Perth, Scotland, Composer

Steffen Schmidt

Film Composer

(BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC) Steffen is a Film Composer in Los Angeles,

Monica Cialona

Song Writer

(BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC)   Monica Cialona is an Italian

Sergio Prezioso

Sound Engineer

(BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC) Sergio Prezioso is an Italian sound engine

Alessio Pignorio

Jazz Composer

(BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC) Alessio Pignorio is a guitarist, composer,

Joe Kataldo

Video Games Composer

(BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC) Composer and Sound Designer specialized in

Adriano Aponte

Film Composer

(BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC) Adriano Aponte is an Italian award-winni


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